Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Blog Name Speaks for Itself

Well, here it is, late January 2012. (Happy New Year, by the way.) At least I'm better blogging than journaling, where I hadn't gotten a round tuit in more than a year.

A few weeks ago, everyone was posting about their resolutions. Mine were:
  • to blog more often (believe me, this IS more often!); 
  • to eat healthier (I'm a junk food junkie who has singlehandedly been keeping fast food and vending machine franchises in business)
  • to save more money (following resolution #2 will automatically result in a successful resolution #3)
  • to get organized, and clear some clutter.
I know these are vague goals; I wrote them down for myself in much more managable bites. But that would bore you, because — let's face it, you've got your own stuff to deal with.

So. How's it going, you may ask? (Well, even if you didn't.) So far:
  • I've avoided the vending machine and drive-thru; 
  • I've actually cooked some meals for myself (to those who know me, that is almost a miracle)
  • I'm working with my financial planner on some long-range stuff
  • I've kept the kitchen sink empty and the counter cleaned up after I eat, so stuff isn't scattered all over
  • I'm eating healthier (Whoa! A refrigerator with food in it!)
  • I'm taking calcium (those little caramel chewies are DELISH!)
So what does this have to do with genealogy? Nothing at all. They say that, to make a permanent change, you have to do something for about three weeks before it becomes habit. Once I tackle these for a few weeks, I'll be "programmed" and I'll add a few more things. By next December, I should have a bunch of new behaviors, so by the law of averages, a few of them ought to be genealogy-related. 

Oh yeah, genealogy events are on the list too: NGS, some area conferences and seminars, and a planned Midwest GeneaBloggers meetup. Not this time for RT, Jamboree and FGS. Yes to a few webinars, and to my Friday night date, GeneaBloggers Radio.

I also resolved to spend less time on Facebook, and more time checking out Google circles, Pinterest and some other things. If I get a Round Tuit, that is.

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