Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ahhh, December; a time to reflect on what was accomplished (genealogy-wise) this year. 
  • Completed my first year as editor of the Indiana Genealogical Society newsletter. Both the newsletter and quarterly are now strictly online publications, at a time when many other societies are hurting due to costs involved in publications printing and mailing. IGS garnered kudos this year for its $10,000 Matching Grant toward the FGS War of 1812 "Preserve the Pensions" project. IGS is also adding to both free and members- only online databases, which is drawing many members from beyond Indiana.

  • At 2011 Jamboree: Lou Szucs, Tony Burroughs,
    Jana Sloan Broglin, and Curt Witcher
  • Attended my first Jamboree in Burbank, California. (How. Awesome. Paula, Leo and crew have this down to a science.) I had to go halfway across the country to see four of my favorite people.

  • Served on the Publicity Committee for the FGS national conference in Springfield. Kudos to FGS national conference co-chairs, Paula Stuart-Warren and Josh Taylor; host society chairs, Susie Pope and David Kent Coy of the Illinois State Genealogical Society, and all the volunteers who worked so hard to provide an excellent conference experience. We saw many "first-timers" there.

  • Found where Dad's great-aunt Katherine was buried. That was a BIG break because I also found out who she married. Just goes to show how often online resources are updated. If at first you don't succeed...

  • Continued volunteering for Unclaimed Persons, and also began helping Families for Forgotten Heroes.

  • Started this blog. I don't let it bother me to have gone six weeks between posts. It's called Round Tuit Genealogy for a reason! I'll try to post more regularly next year... but enough about that. Save it for the requisite "New Year's Genealogy Resolutions" post.

  • Upgraded to a smartphone. Two more for the "Resolutions" post:  1) Program it properly so I don't have a bazillion unknown contacts; 2) watch the video tutorials.

    There are probably things I've done that I've forgotten for the moment. There also are things I should do next year, to be included in my "Resolutions" blog post (which I shall write whenever I get a Round Tuit).

    Happy holidays, and take the time to preserve some family memories, or make new ones.

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